Virtual Farmstand

Come by and pick up a couple dozen fresh rainbow eggs or  some raw honey we’ve harvested from the beehives, and a few other things as they become available. All orders are pick-up only unless other arrangements are made. I make trips a couple times a month to Missoula and weekly to Polson and I’m happy to arrange a meetup.

Our hens eat a balanced diet of high-quality grains, healthy greens from the garden plus all the bugs in the ground and flying by that they can grab! They create and the most delicious and beautiful eggs we’ve ever seen!

You can pick them up from the farm or meet us in a designated spot in Ronan, Polson or Missoula. Please note, each carton is unique depending on what the girls feel like laying.

$5 per beautiful dozen. 

In stock today: 12 dozen


Tallow Balm – Face & Body

We make our tallow balm from locally sourced beef suet in the Mission Valley of Montana. 

After it’s been rendered and purified, high-quality oils are added and slowly blended to make a luxurious feeling balm.

$20 per jar.


Raw & Unfiltered Honey

All our honey is labeled polyfloral because we don’t believe in micromanaging our bees. We see them buzzing around in our fruit orchard, in our garden, in the clover and wildflowers. But we don’t ask them where they’re going when they leave and they don’t tell us where they’ve been when they come back. After all, they’re the honey experts.

This 16 ounce Mason Jar is beautifully etched with a bee and a little honeycomb, topped off with a wooden honey dipper. It’s sure to become a tabletop favorite.

$40 per filled jar. 

Homemade Vanilla Extract

Delicious and aromatic vanilla extract made from fresh Papau New Guinea Planifolia vanilla beans.

All of our vanilla extract has been aged for at least one year to coax all the delicious flavor out of the beans.

$14 per 4 oz bottle.


Are You Looking For Our Handmade Soaps?

Visit our online soap shop at


Blue Skies Tallow Soap Bar


Hazel Nut Swirl Soap Bar


Tumeric and Shea Butter Soap Bar


Goat Milk, Oatmeal and Honey Soap Bar

News Around The Homestead

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Cute Chicken Names

Cute Chicken Names

Your chicks have arrived! You already have their new home all setup with heat, water and chick starter food (if not read this quick!) and now the fun begins! Some folks like to have the names all planned out before the chicks arrive, but I like to watch them a while...


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